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Our History

On March 24, 1988 a group of Washingtonians interested in creating and organizing a local hospice program gathered at the United Presbyterian Church. There were nineteen people in attendance. Marge Gloyer, a nurse with a natural interest in Hospice attended this meeting and had a large hand in starting this new not-for-profit hospice.

The original logo was designed by the beloved local artist and teacher, Carlton Bump and was approved for use on May 19, 1988. This logo pictured below, is a tree symbolizing shelter and the tree of life.

Understanding hospice prepares patients and families for what is ahead. We hope this Website will help you understand more about hospice. Deciding on hospice care may be one of the hardest choices you have to make but it is an important choice to explore.Bump Design1988 – 2009 Logo by Carlton Bump

Hospice of Washington County used this logo up until 2009, when the logo was redesigned and updated, but keeping the familiar and symbolic tree design. The current logo is pictured below.

New Logo

2009 - Present

In the Fall of 1988, the first volunteer training class was offered and the first clients were served. In the early years Hospice of Washington County was a completely volunteer organization. Nurses would work all day at their paying position and volunteer their time to take care of the hospice patients on their own time.

In February 1996 Hospice of Washington County became Medicare certified. Growth was slow and steady. Over the years staff and volunteers alike have participated in educational and training classes, to improve our services and our reach within our service area. In the early days of the organization the census would be 1 - 4 patients at a time. Today our daily census varies between 25-35 patients.

Hospice of Washington County is community based not-for-profit organization. We accept patients with or without insurance. No one that is hospice appropriate is ever refused services and no one ever receives a bill for our services. We do several fundraisers throughout the year to help cover the costs of providing services to those patients that has no insurance or that are under insured. Reimbursement for services comes from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances.

This year 2018, we are happy to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary serving the people of Henry, Jefferson, Johnson, Keokuk, Louisa, Muscatine and Washington counties. Throughout these past 30 years we have been able to help hundreds of patients and their families on their personal journeys dealing with a life limiting illness, we are very grateful and honored that you allowed us to be there for your loved ones.


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The Interdisciplinary Team Approach

Hospice care is a patient and family-centered approach that consist of a team of doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, spiritual care providers, counselors, and trained volunteers. They work together focusing on the patient’s physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. The goal is to help keep the patient as comfortable as possible, with loved ones nearby. The hospice team develops a care plan that meets each person's individual needs for pain management and symptom control.

The patient can choose to have his/her personal doctor involved in the medical care. Both the physician and the hospice medical director will work together to coordinate the patient's medical care, especially when symptoms are difficult to manage. The hospice medical director is also available to answer questions the patient or loved ones may have regarding hospice medical care.

Quite often, family members or loved ones are the patient's primary care givers. As the relationship with hospice begins and grows, the interdisciplinary team will want to know how best to support the patient and family. All staff members and volunteers will respect and honor the wishes of the patient and family without judgement, unless the wish will result in harm to the patient or another. The Interdisciplinary Team is responsible for developing the Plan of Care. They meet weekly to discuss the patients and to make any changes in their Plan of Care and to make sure all of the patient and family needs are being met.

Among its major responsibilities, the interdisciplinary hospice team:

Support can include conversations with the patient and family members, teaching caregiving skills, prayer, telephone calls, video calls to loved ones, including family members who live at a distance. Companionship and help from volunteers.

Counseling or grief support for the patient and loved ones are an important part of hospice care. After the person's death, bereavement support is offered to families for at least one year. These services can take a variety of forms, including telephone calls, visits, written materials about grieving, and support groups. Individual counseling may be offered by the hospice or the hospice may make a referral to a community resource. Please refer to Bereavement Services Page for more information.

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Meet the Staff of Hospice of Washington County

Board Members of Hospice of Washington

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Our Location

Hospice of Washington County
948 East 11th Street
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