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Becoming a Volunteer
Photos of Volunteers at Hospice of Washington County Events

Volunteers provide services to patients and families that are unique and tailored to the needs of that patient. Volunteers for Hospice of Washington County are thoroughly trained and follow the same privacy laws as paid staff. Each direct patient care volunteer goes through a 5 – 6 week class learning about hospice care, communication skills, patient and family rights, and what to do when various situations arise. They are trained to be a helping hand to the patient and hospice families.

Volunteers are essential to hospice care; they are the backbone of the hospice team. Without volunteers, hospices could not provide the scope of services that are needed. Our volunteer services are individualized for each patient and their family. Hospice Volunteers are men & women from many backgrounds and age groups. They choose to give back to their community by sharing their time and talents with hospice.

The volunteer chooses the type of service and how much time they wish to give of themselves. There are so many ways to offer your support. Please click on the file tab Ways to Support Us to learn more. We have three types of volunteer positions – direct patient care, clinical support and general support.

A direct patient care volunteer provides services through direct contact with patients and families. These volunteers provide emotional services that are tailored to the unique needs of the patient and their caregivers. They provide emotional and spiritual support along with helping with occasional household chore, doing errands, playing games, doing arts and crafts. They assist the patient with creating scrapbooks, writing their memoirs, going through photographs, assisting them with writing final letters to their loved ones. Direct patient care volunteering can be as simple as reading a favorite book to the patient, just visiting and listening to their story or just being there to offer comfort in their time of need. Sometimes the volunteers will help staff members to fulfil a final wish of the patient. Maybe it is to sit on their horse again, to go fishing, to finish a quilt or to be able to skype or facetime with a loved one that lives around the world.

Clinical support volunteers provide services, such as clerical duties, answering the phones, organizing supplies, cleaning equipment, and many more jobs that support patient care and clinical services.

General support volunteers provide services, such as help with fundraising and serving as members of a committee, or on the board of directors.

Becoming a Volunteer

Hospice of Washington County volunteer’s go through an intensive training program, but they are not medically trained. Volunteer training classes can be completed in a group class setting or there is a self-study class that can be taken whenever it is convenient for the volunteer trainee. We hold volunteer training classes quarterly, more often if requested. Without volunteers, we could not provide the kind of scope of services which are needed for our patients, their loved ones and our community as a whole.

If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer you may  call 319.653.7321, or download this Volunteer Application form. Fill it out and mail it back to: Hospice of Washington County, attention: Volunteer Program; 948 East 11th Street, Washington, IA 52353. 

Down load the Volunteer Application Form Here

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Photos of Volunteers at Hospice of Washington County Events

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