Available Services

Core Interdisciplinary Team Members

Hospice of Washington County takes the Interdisciplinary Team approach to providing services. Our team consists of a group of trained professionals that work together with the patient and family to develop and implement the patient’s personalized Plan of Care. This plan is fluid and changes based on the patient’s needs. The Interdisciplinary Team meets weekly to discuss patient status and any concern or changes in condition. 

Our Skilled Nursing services are a key component to patient care. Our nurses visit patients on a weekly basis or as requested by the patient or family. You will have a nurse assigned as your Case Manager. This will be the nurse you see the most often for your routine visits. Hospice of Washington County’s Skilled Nurses are available 24/7 for symptom management, changes in condition and other concerns.

HWC’s Medical Social Worker coordinates services and monitors patient care to ensure that each patient’s Plan of Care fits their specific needs and desires. The Social Worker will visit monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, depending on patient need. The Social Worker is available for counseling, resource and referral, advocacy, education, and coordination of complimentary therapies. 

Hospice Aides can visit patients one to three times per week, depending on patient need and living environment. Our Aides are trained to provide patient centered, compassionate care while assisting with tasks of daily living.

Spiritual support is available to assist with any spiritual needs regardless of your personal beliefs, practices, or culture. 

Music therapy is a highly effective treatment modality for terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Music communicates, motivates, soothes, calms, or enlivens, alleviates pain and anxiety, and lifts the spirit.

Massage therapy is a highly effective alternative treatment in the terminally ill and people in the end stage of life. Massage slows the heart rate, promotes deeper breathing, and encourages an overall sense of well-being to assist with end-of-life symptoms. 

Volunteers are men and women from many different backgrounds and age groups. They have undergone an intensive training program to help them fulfill their primary role of companionship. Volunteers are not medically trained. When requesting volunteer services, please give as much advance notice as possible. We will try very hard to fulfill each volunteer request, but it is contingent on volunteer availability.

Our Bereavement (grief support) services are provided to family and friends following the death of a loved one.  Bereavement Services are not mandatory, but a free, voluntary continuation of services.  Bereavement services include educational programs, support groups, useful resources, monthly informational mailings, and personal visits, phone calls, and emails. 

Other Members of our team

The team works closely with the patient’s Primary Physician to ensure they are kept informed and that all patient needs are met. They assist the team by writing all medication orders and approving changes in medication needs. 

Our Medical Director is a licensed practicing Medical Doctor who works with the patient’s Primary Physician to ensure that all medical issues and needs are being met to ensure the patient has the best quality of life possible.

HWC’s Nurse Practitioner is a licensed ARNP. They work with the team to ensure that all medical needs are provided at the highest standards.

Our pharmacist works with the team to assist in determining the most effective and best approach to medication needs of the patient.

HWC provides medications related to the patient’s primary diagnosis and anything needed for pain and symptom management as part of our service. Medical Equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen, and commodes as well as Medical Supplies such as incontinence supplies and nutritional supplements are also provided. 

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